Jared Reck

Music Composer

I started becoming heavily interested in music when I was 15. I started learning the piano from an instructor that taught me music theory and chord structure. I learned how to improvise before I was efficient at reading music.

I took guitar lessons for 5 years as well. Learning the guitar and piano at the same time was challenging. My guitar instructor specialized in jazz, so I received additional reinforcement on chord structure and improvisation.

Through my High School years I also played the drums in the marching band, as well as some in the jazz band along with the piano.

I bought my first Synthesizer (Roland D20) when I was 16, and I began writing music. My second Synth was an Ensoniq ESQ1 which still resides in my studio today.

I played in several Country, Pop and Rock bands where I gained a significant amount of performance experience.

I don't use any AI software for my compositions. Other than the occasional use of an arppregiator, all my music is written note for note, and I play each part myself.